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A beautiful collaboration with rock star animator Ariel Suero.

Since the release of Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse back in 2018, I've always been waiting for the opportunity to try that visual style. That moment came when I saw Ariel's impressive Miosha dancing animation with Nahsla's choreography as reference.


From planning to researching, designing, texturing, shading, lighting, compositing, etc, this project was a really difficult challenge and an opportunity to try different tools, including Ai (see the posters on the wall or the carpet texture). Completing it ended up taking longer but we're happy with how everything came together.


Song: Ozuna, Wisin - Gistro Amarillo / Bilal Göregen - Cat Vibing To Ievan Polkka

Coreography: Nahsla Bogaert

Sound: Msn Messenger, Mortal Kombat Toasty

Rig from Dmitrii Kolpakov: 

​Models from stock library


Some look dev and styleframes from the short.

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